How to use the Recyculator

The recyculator is an easy to use online calculator that will measure the tangible environmental benefits of recycling. It will measure the greenhouse benefits, energy savings, water savings and landfill space saved and display these results in an understandable way.

All you need is to know before you begin is what your organisation recycles and how much. Choose one or more material types available to calculate to get your answers. In three simple steps you will know the environmental impacts of your recycling program and will give you free downloads to help promote recycling activities.

Step 1 - Enter your recycling data

Firstly choose who you are- a Council or a Business. Then input the tonnages recycled beside the material you wish to calculate. You can add multiple material types in the highlighted fields available.

By choosing Council The Recyculator will calculate kerbside recycling only. By choosing Business The Recyculator will calculate based on business collection systems. If you are a Business use the table to input the amount recycled beside the material type. If you choose Council an option to add your total tonnes of mixed dry recyclables will be available using NSW averages.

Step 2 - Get your results

Depending on which option you have chosen by clicking on the ‘Calculate’ button you will receive a summary results page that can be expanded and collapsed to see your numerical results.

Click on ‘Find out more’ button to translate these results into the environmental benefits. This can be expanded and collapsed to view your results in table form, graphs or infographics. The tabs on this page allow you to toggle between views.

Step 3 - Download and share your information

The option to export and pdf your results are available on the results page. A full results kit can be chosen. Once you have downloaded your results you can share them or incorporate them in your reports, presentations and media and communications.