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Calculating the environmental benefits of recycling

The Recyculator is an interactive web based environmental benefits of recycling calculator that evaluates the environmental benefits of large scale recycling initiatives in NSW. It aims to assist NSW councils, industry and businesses estimate the full environmental benefits of recycling, broaden resource recovery programs, and communicate these benefits in an understandable way.

How much have you saved?

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Greenhouse Benefits icon: car exhaust emissions

Greenhouse benefits

Calculate the greenhouse gas abatement
of recycling by amount of overall carbon dioxide equivalence (CO2eq) and translate this into the number of cars permanently removed of the road and black
balloons saved.

Water savings icon: water dripping from tap

Water savings

Calculate the water conservation saved by kilolitres (kL) and translate the numerical results into the number of Olympic sized swimming pools saved.

Energy savings icon: lightbulb inside home

Energy savings

Calculate the engergy conserved by megajoules (MJ) per household per year and translate the numerical results into average household energy usage saved.

Landfill space savings icon: car exhaust emissions

Landfill space savings

Calculate the landfill space savings by cubic metres (m3) and translate the numerical results into the number of wheelie bins avoided.