River sector report

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Report criteria

To view credit ownership distribution across each river sector for a block, enter a block number and click 'create report'.

The credits held per sector influence the available discharge opportunities. For example, to keep the river fresh the total allowable discharge may not be allowed to be in one sector for a block. In such a case a sector-credit discount factor may be applied. If so, it will be shown in the River Register (see links).

The block number will correspond to a day. e.g. To view distribution for the 1st December 2000, the block number is 2000/335.
Enter the required data then select create report to generate the report.

Block number:
Note A block is a body of water that is predicted to pass Singleton during a specified 24-hour period. Blocks are identified by a year/day number. e.g. The block passing Singleton on 1 January 2005 is 2005/001. Use the block calculator to calculate blocks.

The discharge opportunity for each site is set when the block will pass its discharge point. Consult the river register for more information on timing for discharge opportunites.