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Treated timber





In order to minimise the risks of working with treated timber, it is important to wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow correct hygiene, clean up and safety practices.


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You should protect yourself and those around you from potential hazards when working with treated timber. You should use appropriate personal protective equipment.


Always wear gloves when handling or working with treated timber. Wear protective eyewear to keep dust and vapours away from your eyes. Wear a mask to avoid breathing in dust and fumes. P1, P2 or N95 masks are recommended.


Work outside if possible, or use a dust extraction device to avoid inhaling sawdust or vapours. You should clean up any residue sawdust and any other waste as you go and not allow it to accumulate.


Once the job is finished, wash your hands and face thoroughly before eating, drinking, going to the toilet or smoking.

Wear PPE and practise good hygiene. You should also cover up any sores or open wounds before working with treated timber.

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