Licence summary

Summary Licence No: 10230
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LGA: PORT STEPHENS  Catchment: Karuah
Administrative fee: $3,750.00
Licence status: Issued
Activity type: Sewage treatment processing by small plants
Licence review: Complete date 13 Dec 2019
Complete date 07 Jan 2015
Complete date 04 Jun 2014
Complete date 04 Jun 2009
Complete date 04 Jun 2004
Due date 13 Dec 2024
Pollution incident management plan: Last tested 04 Sep 2023
Current Environmental Risk Level: Level 1
NumberApplication typeCurrent statusDate received
1017335 s.58 Licence Variation Issued 22 Feb 2002
1543869 s.58 Licence Variation Issued 11 May 2016
NumberIssue dateNotice type
1017335 12 Jul 2002 s.58 Licence Variation
1019959 10 Oct 2002 s.58 Licence Variation
1038453 27 Jan 2005 s.58 Licence Variation
1049165 27 Jul 2005 s.58 Licence Variation
1051132 06 Sep 2005 s.58 Licence Variation
1053909 24 Nov 2005 s.58 Licence Variation
1061999 25 Jul 2006 s.58 Licence Variation
1068651 25 May 2007 s.58 Licence Variation
1090210 26 Aug 2008 s.58 Licence Variation
1523227 01 Oct 2015 s.58 Licence Variation
1537014 21 Mar 2016 s.58 Licence Variation
1543869 26 Aug 2016 s.58 Licence Variation
1548555 06 Feb 2017 s.58 Licence Variation
1549184 09 Feb 2017 s.58 Licence Variation
Pollution studies and reduction programs
TitleProgram typeStart dateComplete date 
Pollution Reduction Study (PRS) 5 - Concept Design for Upgraded Biosolids Storage Area Water 07 Jan 2016 28 Oct 2016 Conditions
Pollution Reduction Study (PRS) 6 - Review of UV Disinfection System Water 26 Aug 2016 31 Oct 2016 Conditions
Annual Returns
Start dateEnd dateDate receivedNon-complianceLBL data 
01-Oct-2022 30-Sep-2023 28-Nov-2023 yes Not available
01-Oct-2021 30-Sep-2022 28-Nov-2022 yes Not available
01-Oct-2020 30-Sep-2021 29-Nov-2021 yes Not available
01-Oct-2019 30-Sep-2020 27-Nov-2020 No Not available
01-Oct-2018 30-Sep-2019 22-Nov-2019 yes Not available
01-Oct-2017 30-Sep-2018 28-Nov-2018 yes Not available
01-Oct-2016 30-Sep-2017 30-Nov-2017 No Not available
01-Oct-2015 30-Sep-2016 29-Nov-2016 yes Not available
01-Oct-2014 30-Sep-2015 27-Nov-2015 yes Not available
01-Oct-2013 30-Sep-2014 01-Dec-2014 No Not available
01-Oct-2012 30-Sep-2013 27-Nov-2013 No Not available
01-Oct-2011 30-Sep-2012 28-Nov-2012 No Not available
01-Oct-2010 30-Sep-2011 30-Nov-2011 No Not available
01-Oct-2009 30-Sep-2010 26-Nov-2010 No Not available
01-Oct-2008 30-Sep-2009 01-Dec-2009 No Not available
01-Oct-2007 30-Sep-2008 26-Nov-2008 No Not available
01-Oct-2006 30-Sep-2007 30-Nov-2007 No Not available
23-Oct-2005 30-Sep-2006 01-Dec-2006 No Not available
23-Oct-2004 22-Oct-2005 22-Dec-2005 No Not available
23-Oct-2003 22-Oct-2004 21-Dec-2004 No Not available
23-Oct-2002 22-Oct-2003 17-Dec-2003 yes Not available
23-Oct-2001 22-Oct-2002 20-Dec-2002 yes Not available
23-Oct-2000 22-Oct-2001 21-Dec-2001 No Not available