Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 837
Title: PRP U25: Terminal Operations Wastewater Characterisation
Start date: 28 Jul 2014
Licence Condition
Objective The objective of this program is to characterise the wastewater being discharged to Yena Gap during the transition from refinery operations to terminal operations and to help inform future requirements for wastewater treatment. The transition is expected to be completed in 2017.
PRP U25.1: Wastewater Characterisation and Risk Assessment Methodology The licensee must prepare and submit to the EPA a Wastewater Survey & Risk Assessment Methodology report. The report must be developed in consultation with the EPA and include but need not be limited to: a) methodology for identifying pollutants likely to be present in the water discharge at levels that are not trivial. Trivial relates to both the concentration of the pollutant as well as its risk to the environment. b) methodology for determining the risk to the environment of the pollutants identified in a) c) methodology for assessing the suitability of the existing wastewater management system and identifying any necessary changes to the system for terminal operations to manage the risks identified in b) d) a recommended timetable for the completion of the Wastewater Survey and Risk Assessment. Completion Date: 17 October 2014
PRP U25.2: Wastewater Characterisation and Risk Assessment Report The licensee must undertake the Wastewater Survey and Risk Assessment in accordance with the agreed methodology as developed in PRP U25.1 unless otherwise agreed in writing by the EPA. A report must be prepared and submitted to the EPA detailing the results of the survey. Completion Date: 31 March 2016 Note: The licence may be varied following the outcomes of this report in discussion with the licensee.