Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 761
Title: PRS 8 - Coal ash repository water sampling program and characterisation
Start date: 01 Mar 2023
Licence Condition
The licensee must implement the Coal Ash Repository Water Sampling Program detailed in the report titled "Coal Ash Repository Water Sampling Plan", prepared by Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Limited, dated 30 March 2023 (EPA ref. DOC23/273243).
By 30 September 2024, the licensee must prepare, and provide to the EPA, a Coal Ash Repository Water Characterisation Report (Water Characterisation Report) that details the findings of the Coal Ash Repository Water Sampling Program required under PRS 8. The Water Characterisation Report must: a) be prepared by a suitably qualified and experienced person/s in consultation with the EPA; b) include all sampling results and summary statistics; c) including, as a separate electronic attachment, an Excel spreadsheet file of all results. This file must provide results in long format, with sampling dates as row labels and analytes as column labels; d) screen sampling results for pollutants of concern with reference to relevant guidelines including the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality (ANZG, 2018). (Where no ANZG [2018] guideline value exists, relevant benchmark values from other sources, including other guidelines, scientific literature and grey literature, should be used); e) identify all potential pollutants of concern in the ash water. The Water Characterisation Report must be provided to the EPA by email to