Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 4435
Title: Pollution Reduction Study (PRS) 12 - Complete concept design for upgraded plant
Start date: 22 Jun 2016
Licence Condition
Background Over a period of years the EPA has been encouraging the licensee to implement effluent reuse as a means to minimise impacts on the receiving environment and provide a more sustainable operation. In response to these concerns and in addition to the PRP 10 studies the licensee commissioned consultants to conduct more detailed receiving environment investigations. In summarising the findings of studies on the receiving environment the licensee has advised that the Tanilba Bay Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) has had a minor impact on Tilligerry Creek and Lemon Tree Passage oyster leases and stated the NSW Food Authority has confirmed to the licensee that the STP is considered a low risk to the oyster industry due to multiple barriers in place, including UV disinfection, dilution within the ponds and residence time within the aquifer. The licensee conducted a multi-criteria assessment of a number of potential upgrade options that assessed legislative, operational, community, environmental and cost considerations and determined an upgrade to the STP to achieve greater reliability and a higher level of effluent quality (without effluent reuse) was the best overall option. Upgrade works identified by the licensee as necessary include: upgrade of the UV disinfection plant; decomissioning the existing sludge lagoons; constructing a new sludge tank; reinstating the second bioreactor tank; and augmenting the inlet works.
Deliverables The Licensee must complete concept design investigations for the upgrade of the Tanilba Bay STP.  This concept design must include an assessment of the following upgrade works: Upgrade of the UV disinfection plant; Upgrade of sludge management; Upgrade of secondary biological treatment processes, including ensuring there is sufficient contingency; and Augmenting the inlet works.The concept design investigations must be compiled into a report.  The report must take heed of the outcomes of "Pollution Reduction Study 13 - Review of UV Disinfection System".  The report must also include dates by which the required upgrade works will be completed and the anticipated cost of the works package.  The upgrade to the UV disinfection system must be given priority in the upgrade works.  The report must detail the microbiological quality (expressed in terms of faecal coliforms/100 ml) that will be achieved by the upgraded UV disinfection system 100 per cent of the time (this concentration must be sufficient to adequately protect receiving water quality) and the total nitrogen concentration that will be achieved following plant upgrade.                                                                                                                               . The Licensee must provide a copy of the abovementioned report to the Regional Manager - Hunter, Environment Protection Authority, by no later than 31 March 2017.