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Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 430
Title: Improvement Options Study
Start date: 05 Feb 2014
Licence Condition
The Licensee must undertake a study to: 1.     Assess options for reducing the volume of wastewater discharge from the premises (including partial reduction through to zero discharge via reuse of backwash water or supernatant, use for irrigation, implementing water efficency programs, consideration of other water reuse options within the LGA to reduce demand for potable water, disposal or clarifier sludge to landfill etc); 2.      Assess options for improvement of the quality of wastewater discharges from the premises (including consideration of actions at the intake point to reduce backwash frequencies and actions at the plant itself). This must focus on identification of alternate options for disposal of clarifirer sludge (eg landfill) as a priority. 3.     Identify sources of funding for any upgrade works/construction of a new Water Filtration Plant; 4.     Assesses use of Best management Practices at the site and identify proposed actions for achievement of objectives outlined in item 1. and 2. above, including proposed actions, how actions will be implemented and proposed timing implementation. 5. Assesses impacts of discharge on ambient water quality and identify proposed discharge concentration and volume limits with consideration of proposed actions to improve discharge quality for all parameters currently monitored (aliminium, BOD, Oil, Grease, pH and TSS) and ANZECC water quality guidelines. The Licensee must submit a report to the Dubbo office of the EPA documenting the findings of the options study by COB 5pm on 14 February 2015.