Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 4197
Title: PRS 8 - Williams River Pollution Offset Invesitgation
Start date: 27 May 2016
Licence Condition
Deliverables The licensee must submit a Project Plan to the EPA's Regional Manager, Hunter detailing proposed actions, monitoring programs and measureable outcomes to reduce nutrient inputs to the Williams River.   The report must include the following information: 1. Objectives of the pollution offset investigation; 2. Scope of works; 3. Key actions/works to be carried out; 4. Key performance indicators including measurable outcomes to be achieved; 5. Proposed monitoring programs; 6. Delivery timeframe for development and implementation of program; and 7. Cost estimates for the project.   The report must be submitted via email to by 31 October 2016.   NOTE: The EPA recognises the scope of works may be amended following further investigation of issues, however, the objectives and measureable outcomes are expected to be maintained for the duration of the program.
Background The EPA has been encouraging the licensee to maximise effluent reuse to sustainably manage wastewater, minimise environmental impacts and provide community benefit.  The licensee completed the "Dungog WWTW Effluent Management Strategy" to determine the most suitable long term approach for the management of effluent from the plant.  Two of the initiatives to improve environmental performance identified in the strategy are: Optimising the existing agricultural reuse scheme to maximise reuse, and Offsetting all remaining nutrients discharged to the Williams River from the Dungog STP through a pollution offset scheme.