Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 3390
Title: Particulate Matter Control Best Practice – Wheel Generated Dust
Start date: 17 Dec 2012
Licence Condition
To assess compliance with Condition U1.1, the Licensee must: measure uncontrolled and controlled haul road emissions on at least 3 occasions using a laser photometer; continuously measure and record ‘additional site data’ including:         -        vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT),         -        number of vehicle movements,         -        haul truck weight,         -        haul truck speed,         -        frequency, duration, rate and quantity of water applied to the haul roads,          -        frequency, duration, rate and quantity of suppressant applied to haul roads in comparison to manufacturers specifications,and         -        meteorological conditions undertake silt content and soil moisture sampling prior to and after each laser photometer sampling occasion; determine if a site specific relationship can be derived between the measured control efficiency, additional site data; and the silt content and soil moisture levels. The measurement of uncontrolled and controlled haul road PM10 emissions must be undertaken under varying meteorological conditions, including at those times when analysis of meteorological data indicates that elevated levels of dust are most likely at the Premises.
The Licensee must submit a report to the EPA which documents the results of the assessment undertaken in accordance with Condition U1.1.  The report must include an assessment of: the dust control effectiveness, the dust levels recorded, and any relationship established between control effectiveness and the additional site data. The report must be submitted by the Licensee to the Environment Protection Authority Regional Manager Hunter, at PO Box 488G, NEWCASTLE by 15 August 2014.
The Licensee must achieve and maintain a dust control efficiency of 80% or more on all active haul roads by 22 March 2013.   Control efficiency is calculated as:   CE =    E (uncontrolled) - E (controlled)       x 100               E (uncontrolled)      Where E =   the emission rate of the activity
The report required by Condition U1.3 must be made publicly available by the Licensee on the Licensee’s website by 29 August 2014.
The EPA acknowledges that in order to determine uncontrolled PM10 emissions, the section of haul road to be sampled will need to be left untreated for a period of up to 48 hours prior to the sampling taking place.