Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 2821
Title: Sludge Reduction Works Program
Start date: 18 Oct 2021
Licence Condition
Background In 2016 the EPA raised concerns with Council in regards to the water quality discharge from the water treatment plant sludge lagoons into Yoongoonda gully. Changes to the raw water pH and treatment process had resulted in excess solids overloading the existing sludge lagoons. The EPA believes that these solids may then be discharging to the environment.   Options were investigated and trials undertaken with a report provided to Council by their consultant in May 2021 outlining a number of options. Pollution Reduction Works Program The EPA requires Council to provide the EPA with a proposed works upgrade program for the plant or sludge lagoons detailing its preferred option either identified by their consultant in the May 2021 report or other alternative. The works program must provide a brief outline and reasoning for the selected program, along with an estimated costing and time line for the works to commence and be fully commissioned.    The licensee must complete and provide the report/program to the EPA detailing the proposal and recommendations by 30th November 2021.