Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 2647
Title: Pollution Reduction Program 8 - Charmhaven STP Upgrade Project
Start date: 30 Jul 2021
Licence Condition
Background The licensee has provided  data to the EPA that shows the Charmhaven Sewage Treatment Plant is currently overloaded. Data provided shows the Charmhaven STP was designed for an Equivalent Population (EP) of 40,000 and is currently servicing an EP of approximately 59,000. Population projection data provided by the licensee shows that the STP can expect a population increase of over 100% by the year 2041. Deliverables The licensee must provide a scope of works report that must include but is not limited to the following: Proposed upgrades to the Charmhaven STP that ensures the plant is fit for purpose, best practice and addresses the current and known growth horizons in the STP catchment. Design parameters for the proposed upgrades including treatment technology, capacity and redundancy. Predicted treated effluent quality following upgrade works for all pollutants identified in this licence. Indicative costings for the preferred upgrade options. Commencement and completion timelines for all proposed upgrade works.It is the EPA's intention to formalise the upgrade works as a Pollution Reduction Program to be included on this licence. The report must be provided to the EPA's Director - Metropolitan North by no later than 5pm 22 December 2021 at