Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 2647
Title: Pollution Reduction Study 10 – Investigations into the Optimisation and Future Unit Operations at the Toukley STP
Start date: 09 Sep 2021
Licence Condition
Background Central Coast Council (CCC) has provided a report (Response to Pollution Reduction Study 10) to the EPA detailing actions it can take to optimise Toukley sewage treatment plant (STP) operations. The EPA has reviewed the report and approves CCC carrying out the recommended works to improve the overall efficiency of Toukley STP. Deliverables By 1 March 2023 the licensee must provide a written report to the EPA at detailing the progress of works to optimise Toukley STP.  A report detailing the progress of works must then be submitted every 6 months (I.e. by 1 March and 1 September of each year) until works to optimise the STP are completed.  By 26 January 2024 the licensee must conduct an investigation and provide a provide a report to the EPA at on the future unit operations that will be utilised for effluent treatment at Toukley STP taking into consideration the current design of this STP and effluent quality needs of the receiving environment.