Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 2647
Title: Pollution Reduction Study 4 - Review of Treated Effluent Quality Data and Propose Appropriate Limits
Start date: 30 Jul 2021
Licence Condition
Background The Central Coast Council North Sewage Treatment Scheme compromises the Toukley, Gwandalan, Charmhaven, Wyong South and Mannering Park sewage treatment plants (STPs). Currently pollutant limits are set only at Points 1 and 7 as described in this licence and are reflective of all inflows from the STPs described above. The EPA understand that monitoring effluent quality is undertaken by the Licensee for all of the above STPs at various positions post treatment and prior to discharge from either Point 1 or Point 7. To better understand the performance for all STPs the EPA in 2021 required effluent quality monitoring of the treated effluent from each STP and intends to use the submission from this PRS to determine appropriate 100 percentile pollutant limits for all STPs in the scheme. Deliverables The licensee must review effluent quality data for all constituent STPs identified in this licence for at least 2 years and provide a report to the EPA that proposes appropriate 100 percentile pollutant limits based on the plant design and reviewed data. The report must include but is not limited to the following. Proposed 100 percentile limits for Oil and Grease, pH, Total Suspended Solids, Ammonia and Biochemical Oxygen Demand for all STPs included in the scheme including the existing Points 1 and 7. A full discussion and justification for the proposed 100 percentile limits based on the data review and the unit operations in place at each STP. All raw data used by CCC in deriving the proposed 100 percentile limits. The Report must be provided to the EPA and addressed to the Director - Metropolitan North by no later than 5PM on Friday 26 January 2024 at