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Non-Compliance detail

Licence number: 2148
Annual Return Start: 21 Jul 2012
Annual Return End: 20 Jul 2013
Date Received: 19 Sep 2013
Licence Condition numberType of non-complianceEPA actionsNo. of times occurred
L2.4 Treatment Plant discharged without de-chlorination due to value not fully closed which impeded performance. Manual isolation valve shut upstream. Design review of Treated Water discharge system conducted. Low flow detection device installed. Penalty Notice issued 1
M2.3 Conductivity probe offline causing treated water discharge due to loose connection @ Point 15 probe, possibly caused by Electrical/Instrumentation technicians working in area. Pollutants in Treated Water measured at levels below licence limits. Appropriate Action taken by licensee 1
M4.1 Point 12 weather station offline due to lightning strike on Botany Industrial Park, duration 2 hrs 45 minutes. No adverse effects resulted from incident. As interim measure GTP operators recorded data from BofM weather station @ Sydney Airport. EPA to monitor future compliance with this condition 1