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Non-Compliance detail

Licence number: 2148
Annual Return Start: 21 Jul 2000
Annual Return End: 20 Jul 2001
Date Received: 30 Aug 2001
Licence Condition numberType of non-complianceEPA actionsNo. of times occurred
O1.1 On 18 December 2000, a tanker being loaded with 33% HCl was overfilled. The excess acid (~5L) was entirely contained with the installed bund and subsequently transferred to the FeCl Plant for recycling. N/A N/A
O1.1 On 15 January 2001, emission of chlorine from a road tanker in the Orica Chlorine Plant sodium hypochlorite loading bay. A dedicated FCl iso tanker was nominated for a hypochlorite load by the transport contractor. N/A N/A
M2.1 Monthly monitoring of the Hg emisssions from point 1 are required in the lic., 2 samples were not analysed - (1) hydrogen vent was not on-line at time of sampling, (2) sampling not undertaken because employee that usually does sampling was on leave. N/A N/A
M2.1 Monthly monitoring of Hg emissions from pt 2 is required in the lic. 1 sample was not undertaken as the person who usually undertakes the task was on leave and the relief person misinterpreted the analysis schedule (same as Non-compliance no. 3) N/A N/A
M2.1 Standard EPA sampling methods as specified in the table must be used when undertaking monitoring inaccordance with the licence. Non EPA approved sampling methods were used due to OH&S reasons for Hg and HCl monitoring. (pt1, 2, 4) N/A N/A