Environmental Issues

Environment protection licences

Non-Compliance detail

Licence number: 20971
Annual Return Start: 28 Sep 2018
Annual Return End: 27 Sep 2019
Date Received: 08 Nov 2019
Licence Condition numberType of non-complianceEPA actionsNo. of times occurred
Condition 0.1.1 TBM1 had encountered greater than expected volumes of groundwater resulting in water being released offsite through existing environmental controls. N/A 1
Condition O1.1 and O A temporary water treatment plant was used to treat the water in the tank prior to discharge. At some point during the dewatering activity sediment from the bottom of the tank was drawn through the treatment plant and discharged into the canal. N/A 1
Condition L4.1 At approximately 12.20am, the waterproofing team needed to alleviate a water issue in cross passage 3, using a 5t excavator with hammer they trimmed a small sump during a respite time. N/A 1
Condition L4.1 At 8:00am rock-hammering commenced in the northern end of the station box at Waterloo which was not in accordance with the projects respite requirements. N/A 1
Condition L4.1 Works being undertaken in Victoria Cross Cavern required hammering to be undertaken to make a section of the excavation bench safe for the on oncoming crew. The hammering was not undertaken in accordance with the projects respite requirements. N/A 1