Non-Compliance detail

Licence number: 2094
Annual Return Start: 30 Jun 2012
Annual Return End: 29 Jun 2013
Date Received: 26 Aug 2013
Licence Condition numberType of non-complianceEPA actionsNo. of times occurred
L2.1 Faecal Coliforms results for Dam 13 exceeded the licence criteria caused by mammal activity & also non-mammal sources such as Klebsiella sp. which are ubiquitous is soils. Revised sampling location & limits proposed via licence variation. S.58 notice being negotiated to change licence conditions(s) 11
M9.1 Monitoring Point 2 was not communicating conductivity & flow metering data to the "service provider". HRSTS monitoring point. The communication equipment (Magna Box) malfunctioned & was not sending any data. Penalty Notice issued 1