Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 2094
Title: Particulate Matter Control Best Practice - Disturbing and Handling Overburden under Adverse Weather Conditions
Start date: 21 Dec 2012
Licence Condition
The licensee must alter or cease the use of equipment on overburden and the loading and dumping of overburden during adverse weather conditions to minimise the generation of particulate matter from 22 March 2013.
To assess compliance with Condition U3.1, the Licensee must: Undertake visual monitoring, real-time PM10 monitoring, and real-time meteorological monitoring. Document the actions taken and the resultant dust levels (visual and real-time dust monitor results).
The Licensee must submit a report to the EPA which documents the results of the actions taken in accordance with Condition U3.1. The report must include an assessment of the effectiveness of changes made to mining activities due to adverse weather and document meteorological conditions and the resultant dust levels. The report must be submitted by the Licensee to the Environment Protection Authority Regional Manager Hunter, at PO Box 488G, NEWCASTLE by 15 August 2014.
The report required by Condition U3.3 must be made publicly available by the Licensee on the Licensee’s website by 29 August 2014.