Load based licensing data


Using load-based licensing data

Load based licence fees are based on the amount of pollution (load), how harmful it is and where it is released. Fees can be reduced under voluntary load reduction agreements. Before comparing the information for the licensed premises below, with other licensed premises, see using LBL data.

Licence number: 20193
Annual return start: 11 Oct 2013
Annual return end: 10 Oct 2014
Date received: 05 Jan 2015
Fee-based activities and associated pollutants subject to load based fees for this licence:
Petroleum products storage
Assessable pollutantAssessable load (kg)Pollutant fee
Benzene 476.000 $2,868.93
Volatile organic compounds 7,774.000 $636.45
Total pollutant fee:$3,505.38
Administrative fee:$7,345.00
Load based fee:$0.00