Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 1967
Title: PRP 5 - Investigation of Loose Bulk Cargo Handling Controls
Start date: 01 Mar 2017
Licence Condition
The licensee must investigate improvements to loose bulk cargo handling environmental controls at the premises to prevent the pollution of waters. The investigation must include, but is not limited to the following, further outlined in the licensee's letter dated 2 February 2017 (licensee's reference A774080; EPA reference DOC17/104731). (a) Identification of a series of environmental control options and operational control information sessions with the K2/K3 User Group. (b) Assessment of the viability of the options identified from (a) above. (c) Preparation and implementation of a sampling program to understand and assess the effectiveness of current control measures for each of the loose bulk cargos handled at the premises. (d) Undertake a trial of the preferred options to identify the most effective solution, with the sampling program to continue throughout the trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of each option. A report detailing the investigation works, its findings, recommendations and timeframes for the implementation of recommended works must be provided to the EPA's Director - Hunter at PO Box 488G, Newcastle NSW 2300, or emailed to Date for completion: 29 June 2018.