Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 1802
Title: PRP 6 - Odour Control and Investigations at Vents near the STP
Start date: 04 Jan 2016
Licence Condition
Background The licensee has implemented a number measures at Kincumber STP to control odour emissions (PRP 3). These works focused on the inlet works and the handling and treatment of sludge. A Site-wide Odour Impact Assessment was subsequently undertaken (PRP 4) which identified that measures undertaken under PRP 3 have significantly reduced odours.  Further measures at the STP would involve considerable expenditure without entirely eliminating odour risk. The licensee commissioned an investigation into odours from sewer vents near the STP and found the Empire Bay Drive vent and the Doyle Street vent to be sources of odour. The completion of PRP 5 saw the licensee review all of the investigations undertaken and then proposed works and timeframes to reduce odour from these identified sources.
Deliverables The licensee must undertake the following works and actions to reduce odours from vents in the sewerage system and notify the EPA in writing (via the Regional Manager Hunter - by the identified completion dates. Design and install an odour treatment unit at Empire Bay Drive Vent - By 31 August 2016 Modifications to chemical dosing units at sewer pump stations DP1, HB3, HB5 and B1 - By 31 December 2016 Monitor dissolved sulphide and hydrogen sulphide concentrations at key points in sewers and at vent stacks at Empire Bay Drive and Doyle Street on a quarterly bases - from date of issue of PRP 6 to 30 September 2017 Undertake a survey of residents in the vicinity of the Doyle Street vent to gauge level of impact - By 30 September 2017 Analyse monitoring results and outcomes of resident survey and decide on potential need for odour treatment and/or other modifications at the Doyle Street Vent - By 30 September 2017. Complete a report detailing the outcomes of all works, actions and investigations of PRP 6 and submit this report to the EPA.  This report must identify any additional works necessary including proposed timeframes to complete these works - By 31 December 2017.