Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 1802
Title: PRP 5 - Odour Source Identification & Schedule of Works
Start date: 11 Sep 2015
Licence Condition
Background Based on the outcomes of PRP 4 - Odour Impact Assessment, modelling identified that extensive works at the Kincumber Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) would likely result in neglible odour improvement. As such the Licensee has undertaken a detailed direct odour sampling and monitoring program in the vicinity of the STP to identify significant odour sources. The Licensee proposed to undertake a staged approach to investigate and target odour sources and reduce septicity throughout the sewerage system. This PRP foramlises these investigations and identifies a schedule of works and likely level of odour reduction.
Deliverables The Licensee is to submit a report detailing the proposed staged odour reduction approach including: Identification of the odourous emission sources (e.g.vents) which require additional odour control; Detail and timeframe the proposed investigations and works for the identified sources; and Identification of the proposed level of odour reduction achievable for each identified odour control measure.  The Licensee is to submit the report to the Regional Manager Hunter, Environment Protection Authority, PO Box 488G, Newcastle 2300 or by no later than 18 December 2015.