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Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 1741
Title: Exfiltration Ponds Management Plan 2014 - 2017
Start date: 30 Sep 2013
Licence Condition
By 1 March 2014, the licensee must submit to the Manager, South East Region of the EPA a revised Exfiltration Ponds Management Plan for the period 2014 - 2017. 
The revised Exfiltration Management Plan must undertake a sound and adequate assessment of the current plan and its associated documents including (but not limited to):  a)  a review of the potential impacts on local vegetation, water quality and Aboriginal cultural heritage from the exfiltration ponds, based on current treated effluent quality and monitoring undertaken since 2007; b)  consideration of the findings of the groundwater investigative studies carried out as part of the Merimbula Effluent Options Investigation, including any resulting proposed modifications to the ongoing management of the ponds; c)  a review, and where required modification of the management actions for disposal of treated effluent; and d)  confirmation that continued use of the exfiltration ponds for the period 2014 to 2017 is permitted under NSW planning legislation.