Non-Compliance detail

Licence number: 1683
Annual Return Start: 01 Jul 2011
Annual Return End: 30 Jun 2012
Date Received: 28 Aug 2012
Licence Condition numberType of non-complianceEPA actionsNo. of times occurred
A1.1 Total quantity of effluent discharged exceeded scale of activity due to high inflows from higher than average rainfall in catchment (eg 1845mm at Burwood WWTW) & wastewater system upgrades to reduce wet weather overflow. Quantity for period 30,542ML Appropriate Action taken by licensee 1
L2.2 Burwood Beach WWTW failed to comply with load limit for total Nitrogen due to high plant inflows. Treatment process not designed to remove N. Comprehensive Marine Env Assessment is being undertaken to address this & other risks assoc with discharge EPA to monitor future compliance with this condition 1
M2.2 A sample from Point 3 not analysed for heavy metals due to scheduling error with lab. A sample not collected from Point 8 due to adverse weather conditions preventing safe access. EPA load calculation protocol used for calculating missing samples Appropriate Action taken by licensee 1
O4.6 During a power outage during an electrical storm on 2/10/11 a bypass occurred resulting in approx 10ML of flow not receiving secondary treatment. At the time the plant was receiving high inflow therefore bypass was heavily diluted with stormwater Appropriate Action taken by licensee 1
O4.7 Screens bypassed on 2/10/11 to allow operators to safely clean them during high inflows from wet weather; & on 7/11/11 to quickly reduce well level & thus prevent sewage surcharge from power failure during electrical storm. Inflow highly diluted EPA to monitor future compliance with this condition 1