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Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 13128
Title: Noise Impact Study of extension of MRF operational hours
Start date: 28 Sep 2016
Licence Condition
The Lismore City Council can operate the Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF) aspect of this licence from Monday to Friday 7am until 10pm up until and including Friday 21 April 2017 as long as conditions U2.2-U2.5 of this licence are complied with at all times.
The licensee is to make contact with any land owners/occupiers within a 1km radius of the MRF building and make them aware of the trial (referred to in condition U2.1) to operate the MRF from 6pm until 10pm Monday to Friday.  The licensee must make the land owners/occupiers aware of the period that this trial will occur for and must provide a contact number to register complaints as per licence condition M3.1.  
Lismore City Council is to make the EPA aware of any persons, their name, address and contact number within 24 hours of receiving any noise complaints associated with the MRF operations until the completion of this pollution reduction program.   
The licensee is to cease operating the MRF between 6pm and 10pm within 1 hour of a complaint being received in the duration of this trial of increased operating hours for the MRF.  Following a noise complaint, MRF activities during the period 6pm to 10pm must cease until such time that the licensee could develop a plan and implement measures that reasonably attenuated noise issues and was agreed to by the NSW EPA.
The licensee is to submit a final report from an appropriately qualified person to the EPA no later than 4pm on 31 March 2017 which demonstrates that the operation of the MRF between the hours of 6pm and 10pm can be done so without detracting from the amenity of persons.  This report should include but is not limited to; * Demonstrate the suitability of the noise generated from the MRF operations from 6pm to 10pm against the requirements of the NSW Industrial Noise Policy.  * Include considerations to the tonality of machinery and plant associated with MRF operations. *Consider the impacts of noise between the period of 6pm until 10pm if no earth mounds or specific attenuation walls were in place.