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Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 13128
Title: Pollution Study - Drilling mud leachate testing
Start date: 14 Jun 2016
Licence Condition
The licensee must submit to the EPA a Pollution Study Report - "Testing and analysis of drilling mud leachate" by 1 September each year, commencing in 2017.  The leachate is to be tested from a point in what is referred to as overflow dam 2 in the drawing "Detail Survey & Volumes Slurry Pit, Lismore Waste Facility, Wyrallah Road Monaltrie" as drawn by Newton Denny Chapelle.  This Pollution Study Report must as a minimum incorporate the following: a) The results of quarterly water testing of the leachate generated from the processing of drilling/vacuum excavation mud. b)The analytes that are tested are to include: pH, total suspended solids (mg/L), biochemical oxygen demand (mg/L), arsenic (mg/L), cadmium (mg/L), chromium (mg/L), copper (mg/L), nickel (mg/L), lead (mg/L), zinc (mg/L), mercury (mg/L), benzo(a)pyrene (ug/L) and total PAH's (ug/L) c)An assessment of the effect that the drilling/vacuum excavation mud leachate is having on the primary leachate system that services both EPL 5880 and EPL 13128. d)Any further mitigation measures proposed to be implemented for the subsequent 12 month period to improve the leachate quality generated from this dewatering process.