Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 10893
Title: Implement Noise Mitigation Measures
Start date: 21 Jun 2021
Licence Condition
The licensee must complete the staged noise mitigation works by the dates listed in the table below and in accordance with the details provided in section 6 of the Noise Management Plan prepared by SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd (SLR reference 610.19179.00200-R02, Version v1.0, dated 23 April 2021; EPA reference DOC21/476638).
Upon completion of the noise mitigation measures under condition U1.1 of this licence, the licensee must engage a competent person(s) to assess the residual noise levels that have been achieved once all reasonable and feasible mitigation measures have been applied, at all relevant receivers within each of the noise catchment areas identified in the Noise Impact Assessment report prepared by SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd (SLR Reference 630.19179.00200-RO1, Version v1.0, dated 23 April 2021; EPA reference DOC21/476638). The Post-Commissioning Noise Impact Assessment must be carried out by a competent person which is defined as satisfying one or more of the following: Have qualifications and/or experience sufficient to fulfil the requirements of 'member' grade of the Australian Acoustical Society. Undertake the duties of an acoustic consultant on behalf of a consultancy firm that is a member of the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants. 
The licensee must submit a report electronically to the Director, Regulatory Operations Metropolitan, by 21 January 2023 at outlining the findings of the Post-Commissioning Noise Impact Assessment described under condition U1.2 of this licence. The report must include, but not necessarily be limited to: 1. details of noise reduction works undertaken; 2. details of noise reduction(s) achieved from various sources (and locations) on the premises. 3. details of the residual noise levels at receiver locations; and 4. any changes to the noise mitigation measures described in the table provided under Condition U1.1 of this licence.