Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction program


Licence conditions for pollution studies and reduction programs

Licence number: 10893
Title: Noise Management Plan
Start date: 11 Dec 2020
Licence Condition
The Licensee must prepare a Noise Management Plan for the existing operations. The Noise Management Plan must: a) Include and be informed by a site-wide audit that identifies best practice noise mitigation and management options across the site to improve noise performance of the site. b) Include Project Noise Trigger Levels identified from the assessment under Condition U1. c) Include a proposal for best practice noise mitigation and management measures for the premises to reduce impacts on nearby receptors; d) Include a statement of commitments including achievable timeframes to implement proposed and achievable mitigation and management measures; and e) Be carried out by a competent person as defined in Condition U1.2.
The Noise Management Plan must be prepared by a competent person(s)*
*Definition of Competent Person: A competent person must satisfy one or more of the following: Have qualifications and/or experience sufficient to fulfil the requirements of 'member' grade of the Australian Acoustical Society; Undertake the duties of an acoustic consultant on behalf of a consultancy firm that is a member of the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants; Have a registered tertiary qualification in a discipline pertinent to acoustics; Be able to demonstrate competence through professional experience and/or technical expertise to the satisfaction of the EPA.
The Licensee must submit a report electronically to the Director, Regulatory Operations Metropolitan West, by 12 April 2021 at outlining the findings of the Pollution Reduction Study under Conditions U1 and U2 of this licence.
The licensee must implement the mitigation and management measures at the premises in accordance with the timeframes determined under Condition U2.1d.