Non-Compliance detail

Licence number: 10860
Annual Return Start: 01 Jul 2007
Annual Return End: 30 Jun 2008
Date Received: 29 Aug 2008
Licence Condition numberType of non-complianceEPA actionsNo. of times occurred
M2.1 Point 2 - Dust deposition results not captured. Jan, Feb & June 08 because of wet weather and stolen guage. Point 5 - 24hr average PM10 results not captured. During Dec 07, Jan, April, May & June 08 due to electrical faults and power outage. Appropriate Action taken by licensee 9
M7.1 On 16 Feb 08 @ 13:28, a blast was fired at Ravensworth East and the blast monitor representative of the nearest residence failed to capture the blast event. Appropriate Action taken by licensee 1