Environmental Issues

Site specific risk assessment tool

Assessment of air impacts   

The tool has been designed for users to answer the questions in sequence. Please be aware that if a user goes back to change a previous answer this may cause other previously entered data to be lost (as some questions and answers are dependent on each other).

Potential for discharges to air (point and fugitive sources) from day to day activities
1. Are there any air emissions?
2. Are there any pollution controls prior to discharge to air?
3. How well are the controls and management measures operated and maintained?
Hazard level of air discharges (point and fugitive sources)
4. Select the pollutants discharged from the activity - focus on major emissions only (more than one pollutant can be selected):

Added pollutant
Contribution to regional air quality in Greater Metropolitan Region (NOx, VOCs)
5. What is the premises ozone-forming potential?
Potential for release of odours from day to day activities
6. Are there any odourous activities?
7. Are there any odour controls or management measures at the premises?
8. How well are these controls or management measures operated and maintained?
9. Are there any offensive odour issues, or any verified odour complaints (Past 12 months)?
10. Are there multiple verified odour complaints by different complainants (Past 12 months)?
Proximity to sensitive receivers
11. How far away is the nearest sensitive receiver?
Sensitivity of local air quality
12. What is the density of human occupation within a 1km radius?
13. Are there any of the following sensitive receivers within a 500m radius? Schools Childcare centres Hospitals Aged care facilities
Sensitivity of regional air quality
14. What LGA is the activity located in?