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Hazardous waste public register

This public register provides information about trackable waste. Trackable waste (which includes hazardous waste as defined by the Waste Guidelines) is defined in the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation.

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Search below to find a licensed waste transporter or receiving facility. You can search by waste code to find all facilities licensed to receive a particular type of waste. Please note that some licensees may have additional restrictions placed on the types of waste they can receive or may not accept waste from external businesses. You should contact the licensee before transporting waste from your premises. It is an offence to transport trackable waste without first obtaining a consignment authorisation. Consignment authorisations for transporting waste to facilities in NSW can be obtained from the facility. To transport waste to a facility outside NSW, please contact the environment agency in that state or territory.
Data on interstate movements of controlled (trackable) waste can be found in the National Environment Protection Council annual reports.

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07 December 2022